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Homemade chips and salsa

I am off work this upcoming week and am really looking forward to it. I get two weeks of vacation and this will be the first time I have used any this year. I put in for my second week at Christmas but it hasn’t been approved yet. I am sure it will be ok unless everybody else in my department put in for it already.  I know Larry did already.  I probably should have done it sooner but if you knew me you would know I am a procrastinator.

I plan on watching a lot of TV this upcoming week and that is about it. I don’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything so I am just going to relax and chill. I have been trying to learn Spanish so I am going to order Dish Latino Dos so I can watch some Spanish TV. I think that is going to help me out a lot. I am trying to learn it for my job because if I can speak it fluently I can get a raise and I could use the extra money. It is something they started to offer earlier this year and I am just now getting around to doing it. I told you I’m a procrastinator.

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up early and go to the grocery store so I have food all week. I usually do that today but I didn’t feel like going since I knew I didn’t have to work tomorrow. I want to make some salsa to get into the mood when I watch my shows. I haven’t made it in years but found a good recipe online that I am going to try. It is pretty simple which is good because I am not a good cook. First you take some whole garlic cloves and roast them in a pan. You then put them and whatever peppers you want plus some olive oil and tomatoes into a food processor. You also add onions and basil and that is about it. I might add some corn to it too as I like sweet corn in mine. It offsets the heat from the peppers which will probably be jalapeno. Someday I want to learn how to make my own chips.  This guy that I work with, Kevin, made some homemade chips once and brought them into work for every to try.  They were so good!  So I want to learn to do that one day, too, but I am not going to try that out now. I have a favorite brand that I buy and they are good enough for now.